About Wonders of Knowledge​

Wonders of Knowledge

Wonders of Knowledge designs and organizes educational workshops,
cultural events and experiential trips in Greece.

Vikos Gorge Wonders of Epirus
Epirus landscape about wonders of knowledge

Wonders of Knowledge collaborates with the best travel suppliers,
experience makers and local licensed guides.

The way we travel creates everlasting memories

  • Our priority is to understand the authentic culture of Epirus, connect with the local people and listen to their personal stories. 
  • The maximum number of participants in our tours is 10-12 travellers. 
  • We are introduced to places of natural, historical and archaeological interest by specialized experts. 
  • We travel exploring unique areas of Greece in a relaxing pace away from the crowds. 
  • The culinary experiences are important.  Food is about understanding culture. 
  • We create experiences with comfort, safety and fun.

If you want to stay away from mass tourism,
and experience authenticity this is your way to travel. 

For information about our 2024/2025 tour dates or tailor made trips you can contact us.

Apostolos Douras founder of Wonders of Knowledge

Apostolos Douras

The founder of Wonders of Knowledge, comes from Greece, and has studied politics, specializing in international relations. Apostolos has always loved the idea of creating unique travel experiences for individuals and groups in Greece.