A word from the travellers...

A word from the travellers...

“The Wonders of Epiros was no exaggeration.  Apostolos guided us to and through spectacular experiences.  From the stone bridges, to ruins, to beautiful small towns, our experience came to life through the various people that Apostolos has gotten to know and shared with us.  The food was beyond outstanding.  We tend to be Italophiles, but the food we had was as good as any we have had in traveling. This tour was not a trip we could have remotely done on our own.  It’s that special and goes to places that are remote.  Apostolos makes the journey a perfect mix of educational, cultural and culinary.  Highly, highly recommend.”
– Patty K, Princeton, NJ (May, 2024) –

“Our Wonders of Epirus trip with Apostolos was amazing! His love and passion for the Epirus region is clearly evident. He shared with us intimate and beautiful sites, culture, history and experiences. And the food was awesome! We love Greek food and his favorite tavernas had the best food ever— epicurean delights with a different selection of food at each location. Thank you, Apostolos, for a wonderful experience and best of luck to you as you welcome others to the Wonders!”

– Steve & Karen Mauger, Allentown, NJ (May, 2024) –
“Apostolos has created a most beautiful and engaging exploration of a very special place. Epirus is mountainous and ancient, full of charming villages, natural beauty, and friendly people who enjoy sharing their beautiful way of life. This tour has it all: culture, art, history and fabulous food.”
– Karol, Michigan (September, 2023) –

“Traveling with Apostolos was en exhilarating experience – every site, at every turn, was beyond amazing. Traveling the interior of Greece has filled my mind with beautiful sights to be forever recalled. There is no comparison to my other travels, throughout Europe, of the mountains, rivers, gorges, forest and villages of Epirus. I can and will highly recommend traveling with Apostolos anywhere – his attention to physical, social and emotional detail is unparalleled.”

– Doris, Michigan (September 2023) –

“What a wonderful and unique tour!  Apostolos has created an amazing itinerary with delights and surprises throughout.  We so enjoyed this spectacularly rich and largely tourist-free area of Greece.  Apostolos’ meticulous planning, organization, and expertise ensured a delightful and carefree experience for us.  He took care of everything!  All we had to do is participate and enjoy.  The activities were well-paced and included such variety.   The lodging, transportation, and food were first class.  Apostolos is wonderful. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and energy kept us excited and engaged.  We came home with such an appreciation of this uniquely varied, rich, and rewarding part of Greece.” 

– Barbara and Gordon, Georgia (September 2023) –
Epirus activities with Wonders of Knowledge | photo credits Apostolos Douras

“There is no question; Wonders of Epirus is an outstanding tour of one of the most beautiful regions of Greece. Apostolus anticipated everything we could wish for – meeting villagers and artists, educational encounters ranging from the music of Epirus to truffles to Greek history, and tasty meals personally prepared by owners of small hotels and restaurants.  All of this is framed by spectacular mountains, springs, and steep mountain villages. Every day demonstrated Apostolus’ attention to the smallest details, and that attention with the friendships he has made across Epirus ensured we had an intimate and memorable experience.”

– Fred and Meta, Florida (September 2023) –

“We had a magical time on the Wonders of Epirus tour.  This tour opened us to a region of Greece steeped in natural beauty and abounding in historical and cultural attraction.  Not only were we treated to spectacular mountain vistas, boulder strewn white-water rivers, scenic views of both the Ionian and the Aegean, but we also got to visit many picturesque villages where we dined deliciously on locally sourced cuisine and received warm and generous hospitality.  Through Apostolos and his expert guides we learned the story of the land of Epirus and its people, who have to be among the friendliest on the planet.  Serious travelers unaware of the Wonders of Epirus tour are missing out!  Glad we did not.  Thank you. “

– Julie & Tom, Arizona (May 2023) –

“The Wonders of Epirus, what an amazing adventure! Apostolos has put so much thought and love into this tour and really every detail. It is an amazing trip of a lifetime and has something for everyone. We so enjoyed all the people that he introduced us to, the culture, history, food and beauty of the area. His enthusiasm is contagious and added so much to our experience.  Did I mention the food? Oh my goodness the food! So delicious! The beauty of the area is spectacular! Each day it seemed he included “surprises” not listed on the itinerary that added so much richness to an already wonderful experience. This is truly an “insiders” tour that is only possible through all the relationships he has cultivated. Thank you, Apostolos! We strongly recommend your tour!”

– Joe, Tennessee (May 2023) –

“I had been to Greece before this tour with Apostolos, but this time I felt like I delved deeper and experienced the real Greece. Apostolos took us to remote mountain villages and introduced us to friends who invited us into their homes. He shared his knowledge of history and architecture as we explored tiny churches and hidden monasteries and walked over centuries old stone bridges. The local guides and surprises along the way made the tour a continuing adventure. And the food – so incredibly good and local and delicious! This is a perfect experience for anyone who wants to really see Greece.”

– Kathy, Washington State (May 2023) –

Epirus activities with Wonders of Knowledge

“I knew this would be a good tour, but it went far beyond my expectations.  Every day was a delight.  Beautiful scenery, superb historical and cultural sights, wonderful food, and a great group of fellow travellers.  And the “surprises” were amazing!  The opportunity to meet and engage with so many local people in authentic ways was the real highlight of the trip.  I would highly recommend this tour!”

– Jean, Tennessee (May 2023) –

Wonders of Epirus provides the perfect title for this tour. Apostolos is excellent. He introduced us to a non-touristy region of Greece, rich with its own unique history and culture and breathtaking views. Plus, we must not omit the family sharing of delicious meals, meeting local natives, and traveling with a small, affable group.

– Sheryl & Coleman, South Carolina (May 2022) –

We had great expectations for our journey through Epirus, but because of Apostolos’s very thorough planning and execution, our expectations were very greatly exceeded! We experienced virtually all types of cultural offerings in the Epirus region – each stop outdid the stop before! Apostolos loves the Epirus region and he clearly enjoyed showing it off to us! We will happily travel with him again!

– Kitty and Jeff, Ohio (May 2022) –

Our recent trip to northern Greece with Apostolos was a wonderful unique experience. He is excellent and has done an inordinate amount of research to find those special places and experiences that made this trip so worthwhile. This is not a “Big” bus trip but rather a more intimate tour allowing time to visit and explore the less traveled mountainous regions of Greece. One experiences the off beaten sites and vistas that an ordinary travel tour could not provide. These ranged from very small villages and family hotels to incredible vistas with stunning scenery. He has unique surprises included in the tour. Such a wonderful worthwhile experience -meeting new travel friends, exploring the unexplored, and tasting fresh local vegetable and delicacies from the sea and land. The local cuisine was delicious, and most meals are included. Highly recommend. 

– Bill & Lederle, Massachusetts (May 2022) – 

Epirus activities with Wonders of Knowledge

Epirus was another trip of a lifetime with Apostolos. The driver, hotels and food was of course first rate. The region provides day after day of breathtaking scenery in the mountains. From the sea to lush forests to crystal clear rivers with time to experience it all was exciting to restorative. The small group experience was necessary as winding up and down mountains precluded tour buses. In each village we were most often the only tourists. The surprises Apostolos arranged provided experiences that enabled us to learn about local history, small village life and special places directly from people who live there.
This trip provided such a varied and unique experience that we are ready to go again!

– Sue & Nick, Oregon (May 2022) –

“The planning and itinerary for this trip were extraordinary, with a lot of surprises thrown in! Apostolos is so knowledgeable about this area’s history and culture. It is a joy to learn from him. This area of Greece, Epirus, is a hidden gem.”

– Sue, Iowa (September 2021) –

Epirus activities with Wonders of Knowledge

We have toured extensively in Europe and the Epirus tour was by far the most unique and memorable.
It had a nice and not overwhelming blend of archeological sites, museums and churches. What sets it apart is the time spent in village Greece and meeting the local people. Everywhere we went we were met with warmth and hospitality.  And the food, oh my gosh, I’ve never eaten so many different and delicious meals.  Each day was a new discovery.  We highly recommend the Epirus tour for anyone who wants to get away from the tourist crowds and experience something totally unique that will provide lasting memories.

– Chuck and LouAnn, Washington State (September 2021) –

Our planned tour through Greece and the Epirus region was a pleasant surprise for one who knew little to none of Greece and its customs. The travel plans were impeccable, well organized. Hotel arrangements were charming and never a glitch. Plenty of time to stop, get off the bus, enjoy a tea break with Apostolos sharing his knowledge throughout. Traveling into the countryside villages was my favorite part and I especially loved that several times we visited with or dined with the locals.

– Kay, Michigan (September 2021) –